Insightin Health announces new partnership with Payspan

The companies say a new tech integration will help healthcare providers identify gaps in care for patients.

Insightin Health, a big-data provider for healthcare member acquisition, retention and engagement, recently announced a new partnership with Payspan, an automated payment and reimbursement system for health plans and providers. The two companies are offering a platform that brings their solutions together.

Insightin Health was created to help healthcare providers create a more personalized experience with patients. Through an AI-driven platform that’s accessible through an app, the startup is using health data to come up with a one-to-one communication plans for its users.

“This partnership and integration will allow us to align our mission of delivering more personalized care for consumers,” Insightin Health CEO Enam Noor told DC.

The companies say the integration will help healthcare providers identify gaps in care for patients and therefore improve health outcomes.

Insightin Health, which is based in Gaithersburg, announced earlier this year that it raised a $2 million seed round led by New York–based Health Catalyst Capital DC reported.

“We saw a real opportunity to offer a solution that no other company has been able to develop, one that connects health plans and providers to improve STARs ratings and that provides one vendor to engage both providers and members,” Noor said in a press release this wek. “What we’re pioneering is groundbreaking because doctors don’t get access to insights about their patients beyond their visits, and health plans need help engaging providers.”

Noor declined to announce who the first client to use the new integration will be, but he says the client will be using the platform by the end of October. Noor also said that Insightin Health has secured two more partnerships that will be announced this fall.

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